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Resident Alien Season 1 WEB-HD 480p/720p Episodes – EP09 Added


Resident Alien (2021) Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi | 2640min | January 27, 2021 (United States) 8.2
Writer: Chris SheridanStars: Alan Tudyk, Sara Tomko, Corey ReynoldsSummary: An alien, who has crashed landed on earth on a mission to destroy humanity, assumes the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspeigel, so he can remain undetected by the residents of Patience, CO while he searches the snow-covered Colorado Mountains for pieces of his ship. He learns "to be human" by watching Law and Order and mimicking the late, great Jerry Orbach. One day the sheriff of Patience, Mike "Big Black" Thompson and his deputy, Liv Baker, show up at his isolated cabin. There has been a murder in town and they need a doctor. The murder victim is the town doctor. Soon, he finds himself as the new town doctor and in constant contact with the people of the town. Something, until now, he has vehemently avoided. Now, as he is spending more time with humans, he is learning more about them and what makes them human. Which gives him pause, but is still determined to complete his mission to destroy the people of earth. He also discovers there is one person in town who can see him in his true form; which, of course, is less than ideal. —dragongyrrl


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Harry Vanderspeigleas Harry Vanderspeigle
Asta Twelvetreesas Asta Twelvetrees
Sheriff Mike Thompsonas Sheriff Mike Thompson
D'Arcy Bloomas D'Arcy Bloom
Mayor Ben Hawthorneas Mayor Ben Hawthorne
Max Hawthorneas Max Hawthorne
Kate Hawthorneas Kate Hawthorne
Deputy Liv Bakeras Deputy Liv Baker
Alien Harry Doubleas Alien Harry Double
Lisa Casperas Lisa Casper
David Loganas David Logan
Jayas Jay
Nurse Ellenas Nurse Ellen
Dan Twelvetreesas Dan Twelvetrees
Judy Cooperas Judy Cooper
Saharas Sahar
Jimmyas Jimmy
Abigail Hodgesas Abigail Hodges

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Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

Download Resident Alien Season 1 WEB-HD 480p/720p Episodes :

  1. Resident Alien S01E01 – 480p | 720p
  2. Resident Alien S01E02 – 480p | 720p
  3. Resident Alien S01E03 – 480p | 720p
  4. Resident Alien S01E04 – 480p | 720p
  5. Resident Alien S01E05 – 480p | 720p
  6. Resident Alien S01E06 – 480p | 720p
  7. Resident Alien S01E07 – 480p | 720p
  8. Resident Alien S01E08 – 480p | 720p
  9. Resident Alien S01E09 – 480p | 720p


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